Top 10 Items to Digitize Before Your Move

You’re down to the last couple of weeks in your old place, soaking up the last few moments before handing over the keys. We get it — you’re basking in the time before the dread of packing begins. 

Boxing up your entire world is overwhelming, to say the least. It’s messy, chaotic and nothing short of a time-sucking hassle (unless you hire our pros to do the packing for you). 

Let us make it easier with our top 10 items you should digitize pre-move. The benefit? It’ll cut down the clutter, save money and help keep moving day stress-free.

DVDs and Home Movies

They fill your TV storage, get stored in boxes and are rarely used. Then there’s the fact that streaming services offer instant access to most any title. Digitize your collection of can’t-live-without flicks and home movies with a service like VUDU for as little as $2 a movie. Then, donate the hard copies to a local resale shop, or sell them on Facebook Marketplace or Vintage Stock. 


Cookbooks and Recipes

Pinterest board made your extensive cookbook shelf redundant? Skip packing those heavy recipe books and instead bookmark comparable recipes online. For your family recipes that can’t be replicated, document on cloud storage like Google Docs, or scan and store using a mobile scanner like Adobe Scan or Microsoft Lens — or the Handled Home app. 



They’re a thing of the past, but they hold important memories that make them hard to toss. With streaming services putting any album at our fingertips, packing up all of the CDs in your basement might not be the best use of your packing time, never mind space at your new home. To keep the memories but ditch the discs, why not keep the insert booklet of your most memorable CDs? Then, catalog all of your albums on your Spotify account. 


Memories and Photo Albums

Whether you’re storing boxes on boxes of printed photos or have a tote of every piece of artwork from your kid’s schooldays, it’s time to digitize those memories and cut down on the mess and risk of loss during a move. Make use of external storage and allocate a hard drive specifically for family photos and digital versions of memories using the 3-2-1 backup rule — three data copies, two media types, one offsite copy for those really important things.


Legal Documents and Receipts

Use the Handled Home app to digitize receipts, agreements, statements and taxes using Adobe Scan or Microsoft Lens to scan and iCloud, Dropbox or Google Docs to secure to majorly downsize the bulk of your important documents. While some things like birth certificates and social security cards should not be digitized, making electronic copies of the non-essential papers can seriously make a difference in the paper clutter you move. Again, store smart using the 3-2-1 method so you’re never left empty handed or mourning the loss if your storage solution fails.


Business Cards

Working from home and still using a rolodex? Ditch the growing stack of business cards and swap to a digitized address book. Use the Handled Home app to keep your network contacts close at hand but without the bulk of a box of business cards to unpack on the other side. Alternately, Evernote Scannable and CamCard work well, too.


User Manuals

If you’re not holding onto these for any warranty information, you might not even need to digitize user manuals. (A lot of times, they’re already available online!) Visit the manufacturer’s website before making the effort to scan each page. Most offer electronic user manuals for each model, eliminating a huge, unnecessary packing job. 


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