Plan Your Move With This Detailed Moving Timeline

Checklists turn big jobs into bite-sized chunks; that’s what we’ve done with the Moving Timeline. It’s a comprehensive guide with everything you need for a successful move —one that never misses a step or causes undue stress.


2 Months Before

  • Minimize your belongings. Host a garage sale or list items online – you’ll want to declutter as much as possible prior to your move date.
  • Create an inventory of your things. Download our mobile app to organize your belongings.
  • Reserve a moving company (we can help with that).
  • Research parking requirements for your move.


6 Weeks Before

  • Make any necessary travel arrangements. If you’re moving long-distance, consider getting auto transport for one of your vehicles.
  • Have records sent to schools for any children in your household.
  • Obtain medical records for members of your household.
  • Research recommendations for licensed professionals in your new community.
  • Your homeowner’s/renter’s and car insurance will need to be updated to reflect your move. Don’t delay since policy changes may occur as a result of your move.


1 Month Before

  • Contact your utility providers to disconnect services the day after your move.
  • Make arrangements for storage, if needed (psst – we offer storage as part of your move. Get an instant, guaranteed price here.)  
  • If you’re doing the packing, gather any needed supplies. Here are some that we think you’ll need. If you're feeling overwhelmed, consider having your movers pack for you. When you move with Handled, your crew will typically have your entire house packed in a single day before your move — and they'll bring the supplies.
  • Organize your files. Create an email folder and a physical folder to collect all move-related documents. (Pro tip: the Handled Home app lets you digitize important documents, including receipts.)
  • Change your mailing address. Fill out a change of address form at the post office or online; have it take effect the day before you move. 
  • Refill prescriptions. Take care of this (and any other medical needs) now so you’re not in a pinch later.

1 Week Before

  • Finish packing any boxes – or let us handle it. Just remember you need to make arrangements pre-move.
  • Let your employer know where you’re going, and provide them with new contact information.
  • Cancel any mail subscription services.
  • Wash dirty laundry.
  • Pack suitcases, hampers and other miscellaneous containers you plan to move with clothes, toiletries and jewelry.
  • Order a meal kit service for your first week in your new space.
  • Document the condition of your new space before moving any items. You can use our mobile app for this, too.


Moving Day

  • Pack an overnight bag with necessities.
  • Accompany the mover as they inventory your possessions and make condition reports.
  • Lock windows, turn off lights, close doors, and check to make sure nothing is left behind at your original home.

Consider printing this checklist and using it as a space for notes like reservation or confirmation numbers, wifi passwords, and other tidbits of information you’ll need during your move.


Download here


Questions? Ask a member of our concierge team. We’re happy to help every step of the way.

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