Packing with the Pros

As a remote-first company, you can find members of our team in dozens of cities (and off-grid farms) across the country. While we may straddle four time zones in a given day, we share a common thread: we've all moved. A lot. So, we thought we’d weigh in with hard-earned expertise. 

Here are some of our team members’ best packing hacks — from essential, but overlooked, supplies to their own personal packing tips.

Seth, CEO

Keep a folding table handy for extra surface area when packing, wrapping and sealing boxes.


Celi, Director of Brand + Design

Liquor stores have the best free moving boxes because they're heavy-duty and often come with handles.


Jake, Strategic Partnership Manager

Make sure you don’t leave empty air in the boxes you pack. If a box isn’t filled to the brim and you stack other boxes on top of it, you could risk it collapsing and damaging items. Packing paper, extra blankets, old clothes, etc. are great to safely fill up the box so that there’s no empty air!


Laura, UX Design

Start with the non-necessities — things you don't use regularly, like books, artwork and decor..


Annie, Graphic Design

Put clothes on hangers prior to moving so they're easy to transfer to a new closet space.


Jennifer Olvera, Senior Copywriter

Sweater sleeves and coat sleeves provide great protection when you’re packing fragile items. (Pro tip: the same trick will protect souvenirs — like wine from France and bottles of olive oil from Italy — during future travels.)


We hope these tips will help you as much as they’ve helped us. If you’re still clueless on anything related to packing, don’t hesitate to reach out to a member of our concierge team. Need some more packing and moving ideas? Check out our blog.

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