Different Moving Options, Explained

When it comes to relocation, you have options. If you’re a do-it-yourself mover, a savvy service seeker or someone who falls somewhere in between, this is your guide to finding the perfect fit.


Do It Yourself

Doing the whole nine yards yourself may make moving expenses easier on your wallet, but there are other factors — like stress and time — to consider. Not surprisingly, furniture is heavy. Lugging it around can be tough, especially if you’re by yourself. 


Full-Service Move with We-Pack

While it’s certainly the most costly option, a full-service move allows you to focus on a new chapter of life, saving you time and physical labor. Plus, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your furniture and valuables will be expertly packed and moved, and you’ll avoid the hassle of renting, loading and driving a truck yourself. Keep in mind that packing and unpacking costs are hourly, so plan to add $300-$500 to your moving cost for professional packing services. That said, pros are quick, sometimes even packing a pad in a day, no preparation required; supplies are included; and your stuff gets labeled and organized for you. That adds up to a smooth, stress-free move day.


Full-Service Move with Self-Pack

Here’s a happy medium — pack stuff yourself and let us do the rest. If you don’t want your stuff being handled by someone else or you’re looking to cut costs, this could be the move for you. We suggest referencing our list of essential supplies and recommend  doing your research to ensure your belongings are safely and properly packed.



If you’re in need of storage before, during or after your move, don’t sweat it — we can handle that. Vaulted storage services are a great option if you’re moving between two rental properties with lease dates that don’t align, or if you’re moving back home for the summer from a college dorm. Whatever your situation, a storage facility can help you save space and avoid unnecessary stress. Unlike cumbersome self-storage, vaulted storage means pros move everything out of your old house; hold valuables at a secure storage facility; reload your belongings onto a truck on your designated date; and unload your stuff at your new address. (In short, there’s no need for you to do a thing.)


Still undecided? Get in touch with a member of our concierge team. We’d love to help you figure out which type of service is right for you.

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