Moving 101: 5 Steps to Make it Happen

Whether you’re planning your first move or already have a few (or 10!) moves under your belt, Handled's guide to a simplified, stress-free relocation can help.

Moving is like a choreographed dance: certain steps need to occur in order to reach the finish line. Read on for tips to help your move go smoothly, efficiently — not to mention worry free.

1. Book equipment and labor. Deciding when to move is a crucial first step. As soon as you plan to change your address, book your truck and crew for a full-service experience. Of course, you can also DIY, in which case you should identify a team of volunteers and start contributing to the pizza fund. Not sure which type of move is right for you? Learn about different moving options.

Should you decide to hire a pro, remember that most moving companies are busier at certain times of the week, month or year. Booking early ensures the equipment and labor you need will be available on your preferred date. (Tip: Handled lets you easily book online, with all the necessary pricing and availability, transparent and up front.)


2. Decide what's coming with you — and what's not. Start by taking inventory of big stuff, like beds, sofas, dressers, tables, chairs and desks. Focus on items that don’t fit in standard moving boxes. If it’s time to replace, donate or sell items before you move, Handled can help. Just download the Handled Home app from the. App Store or Google Play.

Using industry-leading machine learning, computer vision, and artificial intelligence technology, the Handled app lets you create an automatic home inventory. With a simple point and tap of your smartphone camera, the Handled app detects and identifies common household items like couches, dressers and chairs to help you decide what stays and what goes. It also lets you organize your belongings into collections, flag items as fragile and add notes to ensure moved items are set in just the right spot in your new home. What's more, you have access to your home inventory for life and you can use it to keep records for tax donations and insurance purposes. 

Does it still seem daunting, deciding what to take and what to toss? Take Marie Konndo's sage advice


3. Assemble a packing kit. Having the right tools makes any job easier. That includes packing. Using the right materials ensures your belongings will be safe and protected during the journey to your new home.

Standard items like thick-walled cardboard boxes, plastic bins, bubble wrap, tape and markers are available in most large stores and online. Specialty items like dish-pack kits with foam sleeves, couch covers and wardrobe boxes are available at home stores, storage centers and moving supply companies.

Of course, there’s also the Internet. is an industrial supplier with thousands of items to help you organize and pack to your heart’s content. There’s packing material designed to protect even the oddest shaped and sized items. Don't feel like packing at all? Let Handled do the heavy lifting, with our full-service, we-pack moves.


4. Set up a packing station. Professional packers often set up a folding table so they can work room by room and minimize disruption to the rest of the house. Doing so eliminates the need to bend over boxes on the floor and leaves the dinner table free for meals in the hectic days or weeks leading up to a move.


5. Follow a checklist. Like most things in life, moving is a process. When it gets overwhelming, just focus on one task at a time. Even surgeons and astronauts use checklists; it’s because they reduce complex jobs into bite-sized chunks.

In an effort to make moving easier, we created a detailed moving timeline to ensure you never miss a beat. Follow it in the weeks before your move and you’ll be settled in to your new place before you know it.

Need expert packing tips? You'll find them here. And be sure to explore our blog for additional moving and lifestyle content to help you along your journey.

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