Streamline Your Move-In Week With This Handy Checklist

It’s important to keep a list of tasks to help you settle into your new space — it’ll help you feel at home right away. Adapt this one to your moving needs by adding, removing or editing any of the items below. Then, recruit additional help when necessary and get plenty of sleep prior to your move.


  • Create a home inventory with the Handled Home app
    Create a home inventory and categorize your belongings into collections with the Handled Home app. Then, use it to plan the overall layout and furniture arrangements at your new place. That way, you won’t be trying to figure it out in real time, with the movers there.
  • Set up your utilities

Ask your landlord (or your neighbors) for the best utility providers in the area. Request service for water, electricity, cable, Internet and gas (if needed).

  • Take off from work

You may want to take two or three days off to settle into your new home — especially if you are cleaning and unpacking by yourself.

  • Register your vehicles

Research residential parking in your area, too. Figure out if you need a sticker or permit to park on your street.

  • Organize important documents

You’ll want to have these in one place. Make sure to gather and file all birth certificates, social security cards, medical records, phone bills and other essential paperwork for safe-keeping.

  • Register to vote at your new address

If you’ve moved to another state permanently, you’ll need to register to vote in that state. If you’re moving within your state, you’ll need to change or update your registration here.

  • Hire a cleaning service – or allot time to do it yourself

Your new home should be squeaky clean before you start unpacking. Be sure to have enough supplies on hand to disinfect appliances, sweep floors and dust hard-to-reach spots — or hire someone clean for you. We can help.

  • Research local professionals

Read up on popular therapists, tutors and medical doctors in the neighborhood. Likewise, get familiar with home service providers, like landscapers (mind you, we can help with that, too). Look for online reviews or ask someone you trust.

  • Make a list of home improvements.

Inspect your new home and make a list of home improvements. Organize them by priority – you won’t be able to tackle everything right away.

  • Change your locks
    Switch locks to any doors (including the garage) just to be safe. 
  • Contact insurance providers

Make sure your policies haven’t changed due to a change of address. Document any new or important information.

  • Find the circuit-breaker

This will come in handy if you need to silence a chirping alarm or reset your electricity in your new home.

  • Set up a home security system
    If safety is a top priority for you, consider installing a security system at your new home.
  • Test smoke detectors and replace batteries (if needed).

Check expiration dates on your alarm batteries and be ready to switch them out if necessary (most smoke detectors require readily-available nine volt batteries).

  • Find a place to stow your safe

The most secure place for a safe is typically on the ground floor of a home, in a corner where two outside walls meet.

  • Inspect for leaks

One fail proof method: tie toilet paper around plumbing joints and monitor for moisture. You’ll want to check for ceiling leaks as well.

  • Change toilet seats

Everything in your new place should be germ-free when you move in – one way to ensure this is changing anything that could easily collect bacteria, like toilet seats.

  • Install a protective liner on drawers and shelves
    This is particularly important if you’re renting.
  • Stock your new kitchen with the basics
    Among other things, you’ll want spices, instant meals and non-perishable snack items
  • Explore the area

Familiarize yourself with your neighborhood as much as possible prior to your move date, and take a walk around as soon as you settle in. Find the nearest grocery stores, public parks and transportation. 

  • Turn on and test your appliances

To test your oven, set it to 375º F. Place a small amount of granulated sugar on a baking sheet and leave in the oven for fifteen minutes. If it melts, your oven is good to go.


Keep in mind that you might not accomplish everything above in a day. Consider printing this checklist and adding notes, lists and important numbers in the margins – stow it along with any important moving documents.


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Questions about the big day? We’re here to help. Reach out to a member of our concierge team for additional information about your move. Want more moving tips? Our blog is full of resources – including printable checklists and articles for you to reference during your move.

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