Declutter With These Clever Storage Solutions

Whether or not you’re moving, organizing and decluttering will make your life easier. Between your job, family and housework, it’s easy for clutter to pile up. Get organized with these clever storage solutions.

Linen Closet

With multiple sets of sheets, pillowcases, towels and blankets, your linen closet can easily become a source of frustration and chaos. Instead of searching for matching linens or wondering where all the washcloths went, store matching sheet sets inside a pillowcase for easy organization. Apply the same concept to your towels and washcloths. After folding towels, just place the matching washcloth inside the folded towel.



You're more likely to remember your reusable bags when you head to the store if you keep them organized and accessible. Instead of tossing them in the pantry, give your reusable bags a home. Fold the bags into smaller squares, stack them together, then place them in a specific location. By condensing the size of each bag, you can easily keep track of, store and access them.



You can’t wear your favorite jewelry if you can’t find it. Avoid knots, tangles and missing jewelry by organizing your favorite pieces with an inexpensive jewelry organizer. Jewelry organizers range in styles and include boxes (here), stands (here), trays (here) and more (here). 



Hang pans with hooks instead of stacking them messily in your kitchen cabinet. Tired of searching for the right sized lid? Sick of digging out the cutting board?Here's an idea that will work in any kitchen: adjustable wire racks that help you store anything that's long and thin, like baking dishes, baking sheets and even sauté pans.


Wine Rack as a Towel Holder

Believe it or not, your favorite wine racks can be used for more than storing your favorite bottles of Sauvignon Blanc. Limited shelf and linen closet space? Try using a wine rack as a towel holder. Wine racks are inexpensive, easy to assemble and can even attach to your wall.


When life gets hectic, an organized home can make a world of difference. Try these tips to help you stay organized. Know of any other clever storage solutions? Share them in the comments below. 


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