7 Ways to Refresh Your Home With Accessories

It’s the little things — like accessories — that make your house feel welcoming. Pillows, curtains and art are quick fixes, yet they completely transform a space. Seeking a burst of color but not ready to commit for the long haul? Enter accessories. Tired of the same ho-hum decor? Accessories save the day.

Fortunately, an “accessories rehab” need not break the bank. With a dose of creativity and an eye for design, it’s easy to give your pad a facelift (of the T.J. Maxx variety). When you get bored with a look — or when the seasons change — doing it all over again is a cinch.

Redecorate With What You Already Own

While a shopping spree is fun, it’s not always feasible — or necessary. Before you go and break your budget, take a survey of what you own. It’s a great way to add flourish to a different room or reimagine the way something is used. Whether you take inspo from Pinterest, a window display or something you saw in a decorating mag, putting a fresh face on your living space is as easy as it is fun. Here’s where to start:

  1. Rearrange your furniture. Put your sofa on another wall, break up your sectional and change up tabletop accessories. Like rugs? They can lend an entirely different feel, while tying your room together. Need help? We'll send affordable, hourly helpers to do this for you. Contact a concierge to schedule.
  2. Give items a fresh coat of paint, whether it’s an end table that has seen better days or a bookshelf that’d benefit from a brightly colored backdrop.
  3. Lend a pop of color with a few energetically hued accessories, such as pillows, a throw or drawer pulls. While you’re at it, consider giving your room a fresh coat of paint. And if you can’t due to tenant rules? Hanging colorful artwork on white walls makes all the difference in the world.
Go on a Mini Shopping Spree

Once you’ve gone through your belongings — and hopefully did some decluttering along the way — give yourself permission to get a few new things. Whether it’s a thrift store run, a trip to Target or something a bit more luxe, picking up a statement piece or two can breathe new life into your home.  

Invest in Fresh Flowers and Houseplants

Claude Monet said it best: “I must have flowers always and always.” Picking up a bouquet of fresh-cut blooms and interesting houseplants not only brings the outdoors in, it’s also a way to create layers and lend lushness to your  home. Plus, their presence feeds your soul.

Let the Sun Shine In

Keeping your place shuttered up doesn’t do much for your decor — or your  mood. So, open those windows whenever you can, taking advantage of sunshine as it moves throughout your space. Doing so will help you see your home in — quite literally — a new light.

Layer Your Light Fixtures

Never underestimate the importance of good lighting. Try layering your fixtures with a mix of utilitarian overhead lights, table lamps, floor lamps and low-lying lights. Then, see how the vibe of your place changes based on your whims. It’s all about having options, and different, complementary ones at that.

Hang a Mirror in Every Room

Mirrors brighten a space by reflecting light and bounce it around a room. The trick is to hang them perpendicular to windows rather than directly across from them. Why?If they’re directly across from a window, they’ll just reflect the light back outside.

 Whatever you do, a home refresh can be fun and even eco-friendly, provided you make the most of your belongings, rethink their placement and bring in a select new accessories that, when properly placed, give your home polish and pizzaz.

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