5 Tips to Stay Organized During Your Move

Moving is a project, and every project needs a little management. Try these 5 helpful tips to help you stay organized during your move, whether it’s local or long-distance.


1. Take pictures of your current set-up

Document your electronics set-up, your book arrangement, and any other layout decisions you’d like to model in your new place. Also, it’s just nice to have documentation of the places you’ve lived.

2. Color code your boxes

Use tape or colored labels and designate a different color for each room. Mark the colors on the floorplan of your new place so your movers or helpers can easily sort out your belongings.

3. Create an inventory

Organize your list by room. Include two columns, one with a box number and the other with a brief description of the box’s contents. Use labels or masking tape to number each box as you pack. Use this inventory list as you move and unpack to make sure nothing goes missing, and so you have a map of the contents of each box.

4. Make a moving file

Whether electronic or hard copy, store everything related to your move here—receipts, schedules, agreements, floor plans, etc.

5. Set up a command center and temporary storage stations

Keep your moving file, checklists, and essentials box at your command center. Organize your temporary storage stations by four categories: move, sell, donate, and trash. As soon as you’ve amassed a pile, get rid of it.

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