15 Moving Hacks You Can’t Live Without

We know moving is hard. From booking to unboxing, Handled is determined to simplify your experience – which is why we’ve compiled fifteen of our favorite tips and tricks to make the process as seamless as possible.

Overnight bag

Pack an overnight bag.

Okay, so it’s not a slumber party, but you will need the basics on hand, including a toothbrush, change of clothes and shampoo. Having all your essentials in one place will make the first night in your new place more comfortable and stress-free.

Clear plastic bins

Pack your most important items in a clear plastic bin.

Anything you’ll want right after your move should be easy to find. Clear bins allow you to easily locate and remove your essentials minutes after your crew leaves.


Permanent marker

Labeling boxes? Add the room they’re headed to.

On your moving day, you can place boxes and furniture in the appropriate rooms so you don’t have to move them later.


Packing plates

Pack plates vertically.

Trust us on this one — no one wants to find their belongings damaged after a move. Packing fragile items carefully ensures your things will arrive in one piece.


Stretch wrap

Buy a roll of stretch wrap to create groups of boxes based on their destination or purpose.

The more organized you are prior to the move, the smoother the process of getting out and settling in will be.


Power strip

Snap a photo of your electronics to reference when installing them in your new space.

It’ll help you remember which wires go where. (Psst: you can do this in the Handled Home app when you create your inventory.)



Put your hampers, suitcases, baskets and briefcases to work.

Why waste cardboard boxes? Pack your belongings in what you already own.



Vacuum seal clothes you aren’t currently wearing.

Keeping your out-of-season items compact will save you space.


Floor plan

Familiarize yourself with the floor plan in your new space.

Time to bust out your measuring tape. Measure your furniture and designate a room for each item as space allows. That way you won’t be stuck moving heavy stuff once the movers leave.


Phone call

Call your landlord.

Ask what needs to be set up or installed prior to move-in at your new address. If they have preferred vendors for things like utilities, consider utilizing them.


Bubble wrap

Don’t buy bubble wrap.

Pack using soft items in your current place for padding and protection; we recommend washcloths, socks, towels, pillows and blankets.


Small box

Choose smaller boxes for your heaviest belongings.

Small boxes are easier to lift and transfer to your new location.


Small parts

Keep a designated “parts box,” and use sandwich bags to hold small parts.

You’ll likely be dismantling items during your move, like curtain rods and  mounted shelves. Organizing them will make your new set-up seamless and frustration-free.


Frying pan

Order a food kit delivery service to simplify meals in your new place.

Save a trip to the grocery store in favor of services like Blue Apron and HelloFresh for at least the first week.


Soap bottle

Avoid an unnecessary mess by Saran wrapping your toiletries.

Leaks are never a good thing. This is a great way to avoid them.


Using these tricks won’t guarantee a perfect move, but they can make settling into your new space much easier. Unsure about how to make your move the best it can be? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. Handled is here to help you feel at home every step of the way. 

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